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    $12,000,000 settlement, insurance bad faith. McKellar v. Maryland Casualty, Carrier reserved rights to defend against claims of defective construction, following adverse Summary Judgment ruling and reversal by Nevada Supreme Court.

    $6,225,000 Settlement, Police misconduct and 1983 violations. DeLew v. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police and Nevada Highway Patrol, 28-year-old woman while riding bicycle was struck and killed by Metro officer's intoxicated wife. Metro and the Nevada Highway Patrol covered up the accident and found the driver to be free of fault with no investigation into intoxication. Case included two adverse summary judgments and two successful appeals to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

    $3,250,000 Settlement, forklift product liability. Hernandez v. Caterpillar, product liability case involving forklift incorrectly modified from propane to gasoline.

    $3,250,000 jury verdict, dump truck product liability. Avant v. Gothic, wrongful death product liability case involving the hydraulic mechanisms on dump truck.

    $1,800,000 settlement, medical malpractice. Moore v. North Las Vegas Hospital, medical malpractice wrongful death of 3 year old who went untreated in hospital emergency room for several hours and was transported to another hospital while in critical condition in violation of EMTALA laws.

    $1,435,000 jury verdict, auto v. bus accident. Kochanski v. ATC Vancom, Plaintiff's vehicle collided with an improperly parked bus.

    $1,200,000 jury verdict, injured railroad worker. Arnold v. Union Pacific, injured railroad worker.

    $1,035,000 settlement, medical malpractice. Ushman v. Fremont Medical Center, medical malpractice failure to diagnose cardiac condition.

    $1,000,000 settlement, negligent hiring security guards. Brisco v. The Hop Nightclub, wrongful death involving negligent security guards.